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Christmas is officially upon us, and we’ve taken to the streets of London to find out what football fans want for their club this Christmas. Here are some of the best answers:



A new pair of football boots

A new left-back.

It’s been a tough season for Chelsea so far, and one Blues fan thinks that a new pair of football boots may be enough to inspire his side in the new year. Chelsea have spent far less than than the likes of Man City and Man United in recent seasons, so we reckon Roman Abramovich probably has enough spare cash in his back pocket to buy a new pair of boots for the entire squad, and probably the rest of London.

Another Chelsea supporter was keen for his side to buy a new left-back for Christmas. We’re not sure what Marcos Alonso would make of this request, but the good news is, that left-back Baba Rahman is likely to return from his loan spell at Schalke in the new year – result!

Man United

Me to go and see them.

A decent Lukaku.

To make it to the champions league finals.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take us long to find a few Red Devils in the centre of London, and the first United fan we spoke to said her Christmas wish was to go and see a match. Our advice: try remortgaging your house, because a trip to Old Trafford will cost a small fortune.

The next Man United supporter asked for a decent Lukaku – an easy problem so solve. Write to Jose Mourinho and ask him to buy Romelu’s brother Jordan Lukaku. The 23-year-old currently plays as a left-back for Lazio, and is probably a tad cheaper than £75 million.



A full new team.

A win.

Newcastle fans are a happy bunch, and the first Magpies supporter we talked to asked for an entire new team for Christmas. We feel your pain! The good news is, billionaire businesswoman Amanda Staveley could soon take over at St James’ Park, and she certainly has the financial backing to buy a brand new starting XI. Just hope that Rafa Benitez doesn’t blow his entire budget on David Luiz.

The other Newcastle fan we interviewed simply wished for a win, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee Christmas miracles.


A new striker

To win the Champions League.

We spoke to two Millwall fans, with two very different requests. The first (and clearly more practical) supporter asked for a new striker for Christmas, and considering the Lions have only scored 24 goals in the Championship this season, we can definitely sympathise.

Our advice: Dress up as a ghost, sneak into Neill Harris’ room, and convince him of the error of his ways just in time for Christmas. Between groans and the occasional jangle of chains, reel off some stats – ooooOOOOoooo Lee Gregory, three goals in 1415 minutes, ooooOOOOoooo Tom Elliot, four goals in 582 minutes.

As for winning the Champions League – good luck with that one.



A new owner.

If you’re looking to adopt this Christmas, there is a struggling League Two side in desperate need of a new owner. They may not have the best pedigree, but they’re loyal, hard-working, and come with a free 6,000 capacity stadium situated in a beautiful Lancashire seaside town.

Visit to change the life of Morecambe fans all over the world. Just remember – a Morecambe is for life, not just for Christmas.


Wenger out!

A central defender.

New fans.

To win the league.

Arsenal fans are about as consistent as Arsenal results, so we got a real mixed bag of requests when we asked Gooners what they wanted for Christmas. Unsurprisingly the first Arsenal supporter we spoke to wished for Wenger Out!, but unfortunately, Arsene has been immune to the wishes of fans since 2008.

One Gooner asked that the club receive new fans; however, Santa had already given all of the new fans to Manchester City. Another asked that Arsenal win the league, which again Santa had already given to Man City. And one supporter asked for a new centre-back – which will definitely be on the cards once Sanchez and Ozil free up some space for wages.



The team to be full of goals.

To win the Premier League.

No hangover after the Champions League games.

Tottenham fans wished for goals, league titles, and the one thing we all hope for this Christmas – no hangovers. The bad news for Spurs supporters, is that Mauricio Pochettino asked to have his Christmas present back in November, and now all you guys will have look forward to in the new year is a possible 6th placed finish . We just hope beating Real Madrid was worth it.

If you have any wishes for your club this Christmas, leave us a comment.