Six Nations Rugby to take no further action over Scotland v England incidents

7 months ago

Six Nations Rugby have confirmed that they will be taking no further disciplinary action against the Scottish and English international teams, following a fracas that took place in the tunnel before their match at Murrayfield last weekend. Scotland went on to win the game 25 – 13, claiming the Calcutta Cup for the first time since 2008.

Scotland v England at the Six Nations is always a tense affair, yet few were expecting emotions to boil over before the match had even began. As the players left the pitch following their pre-match warm up, television cameras picked up on a scuffle breaking out between Scotland’s Ryan Wilson and England’s Owen Farrell, that ended with the two players having to be physically restrained by their teammates. Six Nations Rugby contacted both the English and Scottish unions for information regarding what happened between the two sets of players, and after analysing the situation, they have now confirmed that there was “no clear evidence of violent conduct or similar against any individual player.”

In fact, much like the recently tunnel fracas between Manchester City and Manchester United, both parties denied any knowledge of the event.

Unfortunately, the pre-match scuffle between Wilson and Farrell wasn’t the only incident that Six Nations Rugby were forced to investigate. During Saturday’s game, Ryan Wilson was also accused of eye gouging England’s Nathan Hughes, but again the allegations have been thrown out.

An official statement read: “The disciplinary committee, having viewed the video footage of the incident, considered all of the other evidence and heard representations by and on behalf of the players and Six Nations Rugby, found that the player had committed an act of foul play in that he had made contact (with two of his fingers) with the eye area (ie ‘anywhere in close proximity to the eye’ according to World Rugby’s regulation 17) of his opponent.

“However, the disciplinary committee accepted medical evidence adduced on the player’s behalf to the effect that, due to a pre-existing injury, two of his fingers (his fourth and little finger on his right hand) were involuntarily in a bent or hooked position. The disciplinary committee also considered that the contact with the eye area had been reckless (rather than intentional), light and fleeting, and had come about as a result of the player’s attempts to grab this opponent’s shirt during an off-the-ball scuffle with his opponent.”

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